Slater Hayes Podcast

"The Noises of Love"

December 26, 2022 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 11
Slater Hayes Podcast
"The Noises of Love"
Show Notes


The celebration of Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Though I penned this piece during our Thanksgiving gathering of 2021, it was published during the Easter season of 2022.  Prior to the funeral service of my dear cousin, Edith.

The words and sentiment contained within this piece are timeless.

I pray that each listener will recall the precious memories of family gatherings and the love that was exuded during those times.

Now, go and share the love, as you and yours revel in

"The Noises of Love"

***BTW...we are getting together again as family this Thanksgiving...yaaayyyyy!!!




I penned this piece at the time of our last family reunion during the 2021 Thanksgiving season.

The importance of familial relationships is undeniable. The resurrection of familial relationships is just as important.  The celebration of this Easter Season, I feel, is a very apropos time for the publication of this piece I entitled...

"The Noises of Love"
is a testimony of the joy, love and spirit of closeness that is demonstrated when family members get together under the banner of family.

I have come to realize that relationship, especially with family members, is something that needs to be willfully and carefully nurtured even though there is a sharing of the same blood and upbringing.

I assume my share of the responsibility for failing to nurture those relationships with my sisters, brother and the numerous nephews, nieces, cousins...ALL those with whom I share DNA.  More importantly, the past memories that helped to mold us should be the impetus for us continuing to desire to establish moments that create those special memories that are revisited each time we get together.

Regrettably, most of those times are at the loss of a beloved family member. Unfortunately, the loss of my dear cousin, Edith, will, undoubtedly, be the next time where family will gather.  Past stories will be re-told and revised, memories that create joyous laughter reshared and recollections of her sweet spirit will be recounted.

On this day of RESURRECTION, and the day of her pending burial, let us be mindful of those relationships that are in need of being restored through the conscious decisions we make to breathe fresh life into each.


I LOVE YOU ALL and there is NO-THING that I am not willing to do in order to breathe life into our relationship(s).