Slater Hayes Podcast

The Spirit Snatchers

June 04, 2023 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 18
Slater Hayes Podcast
The Spirit Snatchers
Show Notes

...because SOMEONE needs to hear this!!

Though this piece could lead one to only focus on the the physical atrocities perpetrated against us, daily-MAKE NO MISTAKE, the atrocities that are carried out against US encompasses each aspect of our lives.

If one would note, I repeatedly use the phrase "the atrocities of never-ending acts" or some form of it throughout this piece.

It is intended to highlight the fact that WE are subjected to oftentimes vile and cruel acts of hatred on a DAILY BASIS. 

These acts, however, are not limited to those of a physical nature. The atrocities of numbing or "killing our spirit" is oftentimes perpetrated by continually forcing US to fight for our inherent rights. These attempts to beat US down, to force us into submission, is now overtly rampant throughout this amerikkka.

I admonish all-DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SPIRIT to only be realized through "static images contained within ornate frames" or only experienced through "fading smiles peering through rings created by the mornings brew"!!

IYKYK...and if you don't, ASK SOMEBODY!!

I'm available!!!




This piece, I was led to write it just as soon as I heard about the senseless slaughter of my people at the Tops Friendly Market located in Buffalo, New York.

This premeditated atrocity was carried out by an individual that had been consumed with hatred.  A hatred that so in filled him that he surveilled the establishment and made a conscious choice to perpetrate the heinous act at a time when he could inflict the most damage.

What do I mean by making that statement-any time would have led to the loss of lives of the innocent and inflicted unfathomable pain?

I will attempt to explain. This individual sought to carry out the mission of many of those that have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate such acts. Their actions are indicative of those that I describe in this week's episode entitled...

"The Spirit Snatchers"...

identifies those who have been proselytized into a culture that is intent on defeating that which refuses to be diminished-the SPIRIT of the BLACK MAN and WOMAN.

They incorrectly feel that by committing such acts that they will DESTROY US by destroying our spirits-essentially, forcing us to "throw in the towel."

Look at what is occurring.  The victims of this assailant were primarily the aged-those who are considered the backbone of our communities. Those who possess the history, the knowledge of our communities, and possess the desire to convey it to all those whom they encounter on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, this is conveyed through that warm hug, that smile or that "love offering" that is caressed in that hand at the end of a perpetually outstretched arm. What the purveyors of hatred have neglected to understand is that their vile acts of violence lead a number of those who remain to make a concerted effort to carry on their victim's respective legacies.

So, when you pass that ornate frame on the mantle or nightstand containing the vibrant smile of that loved one, or the smile that peers from under that fading photo under the glass on the coffee table-you know the one captured by the coffee mug ring. SMILE BACK, say THANK YOU and ALWAYS remember that there is NO PERSON, NO ACT committed by man, that can eliminate or diminish the legacy contained within the memories of those expectedly or UNEXPECTEDLY removed from our earthly presence.

I pray that those who repeatedly attempt to do so WILL STOP and come to know that...