Slater Hayes Podcast

"You Forget the Fine China"

October 09, 2022 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 28
Slater Hayes Podcast
"You Forget the Fine China"
Show Notes

The reality that there are those among US that have penetrated our inner circle(s) for less than idyllic reasons is REAL.

There are wolves among us-lurking within the amalgamation of sheep that gather whenever one embarks upon any endeavor that dares to venture beyond the boundaries, real and imagined.

Their reason for serving in the capacity of the wolf can be for a variety of reasons. However, identified or not, one must consider their potential for nefarious intent.

COINTELPRO...just thought I would set that right there.

"You Forget the Fine China"

is a piece that focuses on that specific person that self-identifies as a friend but is a constant purveyor of negativity, doubt and the facilitation and perpetuation of secretive gatherings that serve you up as the main course. A WOLF!

DON'T pretend as if you are unaware of that to which I am referring!

True Friendship sometimes involves speaking out when confronted by those who attempt to serve "YOUR FRIEND" up as the main course of gossip, innuendo, slander and shortsightedness due to personal lack of vision.

WHO among your "FRIENDS" have you allowed others to serve up-FINE CHINA and all?