Slater Hayes Podcast

The Beauty of Listening

November 06, 2022 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 31
Slater Hayes Podcast
The Beauty of Listening
Show Notes

The sound of the crow from the neighbor's rooster. The blowing of the train whistle-far enough away to where it rings out as background noise. Both awakening you to the wonderful reality that God has extended his mercy and grace, yet again.

Have you ever made a conscious effort to simply listen to all that greets you at the start of another day? 

"The Beauty of Listening"
was delivered to me early one morning deep within the woods on the outskirts of Greenville, Alabama. Marjorie and I, along with my sister and brother-in-law, were the guests of their cousin for several days at her newly renovated "hunting lodge". (Neither of us hunt)

On our last morning there, I took the time to step outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and take in the untainted air. Was I ever surprised by what was awaiting me. 

The various bird forms put on a private concert just for me. They also seemed to be chastening me for not taking the time to attend their performance on the preceding days. However, this neglect on my part was not punished for they performed  a wonderful encore performance-JUST FOR ME.

Their full-throated medley was inspiring and deepened my personal knowledge that all things were created for my pleasure and that this demonstration was affirmation that GOD TRULY DOES LOVE ME...

My, My! The beauty of the little things that we take for granted or willfully neglect.

Take the time and LISTEN...there is indeed a message to be delivered.

Our Spirit Lives!!!