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"Sooo...Whose Revenge is This"

December 04, 2022 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 35
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Sooo...Whose Revenge is This"
Show Notes

So, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has to impose its will by appointing a THIRD PARTY MANAGER to ensure that the residents of my hometown have accessibilty to one of the essential needs of existence-WATER.

Yea, attorney General Merrick Garland, with the approval of federal judge Henry Wingate, have acted to immediately address the wanton neglect by ALL involved concerning the perpetual water crisis.

Allow me to identify several of the critical factors...wanton greed and racism.
These factors are evidenced by the exponential growth of the predominantly white suburbs and exurbs surrounding Jackson. The development of these areas was aided in large part by appropriations once intended for Jackson but redirected for nefarious reasons.  Yes, there are whites in Jackson.  However, those whites that continue to dwell and operate businesses within the city of Jackson do so of their own volition and are viewed simply as collateral damage in a city that is 87% Black

Undoubtedly, gross ineptitude and pettiness on the parts of officials, who are repeatedly elected, has unquestionably exacerbated a situation that should have been addressed years ago.  Instead, the citizens of Jackson have been continuously led to a trough that has oftentimes been completely drained of water. Leaving in its place a gross lack of integrity, service and RESPECT. All those things due the inhabitants of that place once known as the "crossroads of the south".

All of the aforementioned, and much more, was instrumental in prompting me to entitle this week's episode...

"Sooo...Whose Revenge is This?"
It should be abundantly clear to the approximately 150,000 residents of Jackson, of all ethnicities, that they are the unwitting pawns of a game that has now combined greed, a lust for power, racism,  abhorrent disrespect, ineptitude, and most of all an "I don't give a damn attitude" to a situation that has created a yearslong issue- all to their detriment.

It is my sincere prayer that the appointment of a third party manager will prove to be sufficient in addressing this reprehensible situation.

If that person is successful, one thing remains...

THE CITIZENS of JACKSON truly holding their elected officials accountable!!!