Slater Hayes Podcast

"The Question"

January 01, 2023 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 37
Slater Hayes Podcast
"The Question"
Show Notes

"That place where emotions are stored- unable to be reconciled with what is occurring just past that place that is visible to the naked eye...past that place that is actually tangible by ones' s self or observable by others."

A further description of that which I felt when I was led to write...

"The Question"

...there is often a certain consternation that exists-questions that arise -when one is unable to definitively attach explanations to certain emotions that occur that are seemingly unexplainable...even within our mind.

From the onset of this New Year, 2023, let us all try something new!!

Free your mind and travel along this journey, with me, and the numerous others with whom you interact on a daily basis, if only briefly.
Allow yourself to REALLY ACTIVELY LISTEN and FEEL what is being shared with you...during each and every interaction. You may be that listening ear that is TRULY needed. Or you may become the beneficiary of that impetus that was needed to assist you in addressing that issue that you deemed critical prior to starting YOUR NEW JOURNEY!!

It is a NEW YEAR!
Allow those emotions-that creativity- that has been locked away to be freed.  Marvelous possibilities, tremendous opportunities await you!!

Allow your mind to be opened to the creativity and myriad perspectives that are contained within this singular piece and the numerous others that have been published by SLATER HAYES, PRODUCTIONS.