Slater Hayes Podcast

"Take Your Warm-Ups Off"

October 29, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 34
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Take Your Warm-Ups Off"
Show Notes

STOP minimizing the importance of what you are capable of bringing to the table!
STOP recognizing the importance of your singular voice-EVEN within your sphere of influence!
STOP waiting for someone else to verbalize, or do, that which only you can say or accomplish!



Innumerable opinions and justifications (read as excuses) for a lack of involvement inundate that place to which I refer in this piece that was inspired by speaking to friends, listening to neighbors and the panoply of overbearing pontificators that have found their way on to various networks.

I envisioned myself as that coach nervously approaching each, wondering if they were indeed ready to display ALL THAT which seemed to be bubbling from within as they projected indifference, hurled insults and sometimes cast profuse adulation towards those engaged in battle.

I could see the look of nervousness overtake many, but not all of them, as I approached. Afraid, no deathly afraid, that they would hear those words that would thrust them into battle and possibly change their lives forever. Those words...

"Take Your Warm-Ups Off"
those five words that have stymied the growth of so many along this journey.  I have learned that oftentimes many, though extremely well intentioned, do not possess the ability(ies) nor desire to actually be at the forefront of the hand-to-hand battle that occurs along their personal dash. Oftentimes they relegate themselves to the passivity of an onlooker to something they should ACTIVELY and aggressively engage.

This should not be perceived as a knock on how individuals make conscious choices regarding their lives. Instead, utilize it to make a personal assessment of whether you, the listener, are an actual participant in what so many have come to refer to as the game.