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January 29, 2023 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 40
Slater Hayes Podcast
Show Notes

Critical Race Theory, Loving, Voting Rights, Affirmative Action...all these and many more are now under scrutiny.

There are those that accuse me of tripping, of simply being the purveyor of hyperbole.

I think many, if paying attention, now see that the movement inspired by 45 has now become reality, due primarily to the judicial picks that were ramrodded through by the person occupying the seat of senate majority leader during his term.

The Dodd decision that determined that an uncodified Roe was unconstitutional is a precursor to years old decisions being brought back before the court with the probability of being overturned. This was something that was never before imagined. However, this current group of conservative justices is delivering a less than subtle message...

STARE DECISIS be damned!!

"Oz Revealed"
is a piece that was written that highlights a few of the sacred private parts of life that are at risk of being dramatically changed.
If anyone remembers, when ToTo pulled back the curtain and exposed Oz, it humbled him and brought him to the point of being willing to CHANGE. Unfortunately, this current MISCHIEF seems to crave the light -the exposure. Their actions are providing substance and fuel to a fire that is at imminent risk of burning out of control. 

Thus, further perpetuating the actions of those whose mindsets are engulfed with an insatiable desire to purposely impose their wills on all those who are not similarly aligned.

I pray that the FEVER SOON BREAKS