Slater Hayes Podcast

"Free My Mind"

January 08, 2023 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 38
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Free My Mind"
Show Notes

It seems that during this particular juncture of my journey, I have become more sensitive to those things that occurred, at times, along the way.
I am not one of those persons that has a vivid recall of a variety of things that occurred during my childhood. However, I do seem to remember things if someoe else either begins to play them out from their stored memories.

However, the incident that I speak of in this episode...

"Free My Mind"

seems to be eternally memorialized within the recesses of my mind  because of the SHEER HATRED that spewed from the mouth of that white man at us... INNOCENT and small BLACK children.
I see his face, vividly. The wrinkles, the greasy silver and and white hair, the dirty jeans. I see him sniffing as a dog...I remember his words... "I knew I smelled som'-that's them STANKY NIGGERS"...yes, I remember EVERY SYLLABLE!

I think of that time...often.  I am now prayerful that recalling this episode in time will somehow give it the freedom it needs to depart that space that it has occupied in my mind for over 50 years-RENT FREE!!

We never know what others have endured...what event is part of the TRIFECTA of what "was", what is being encountered during this time of what "is", and what awaits one to dip one's toe so that it may become part of one's "to be".

However, we can play our part in seeking to ensure that the memories of a specific point in time of one's life is filled with as MANY PLEASANTRIES that an individual can stand!!