Slater Hayes Podcast

"Word Power"

February 12, 2023 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 44
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Word Power"
Show Notes

During this month of Black History, I think it important that we seek a better understanding of a mindset that is becoming more and more pervasive within OUR community.

That of which I speak is the notion that we are SELF-MADE individuals that can traverse this journey without anyone else providing anything necessary for the ride. This mindset seems s to be intentionally propagated within our community in order to further the levels of emotional and economic distress that are becoming more and more prevalent.

It is now easy to identify one who possess an unwillingness or reticence to provide assistance to that neighbor, relative or friend- deeming them "always in need of a handout".    Expressing that belief publicly was previously viewed as anathema within the Black community.

It seems that the mantra "It Takes a Village" has been thrown overboard.

This piece

"Word Power"
was written when it seemed as though I was being inundated by persons who were effusive in their belief that what they attained, or were in the process of attaining, was solely due to their individual efforts.

Yes, success oftentimes hinges on the amount of personal effort and commitment devoted to a specific desire or goal. However, one should never be deluded into thinking that one succeeds entirely due to individual effort.

Regrettably, the entire concept of "the village" may be becoming a thing of the past.