Slater Hayes Podcast

"Upon Closer Review"

April 23, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 10
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Upon Closer Review"
Show Notes

The actions we are now witnessing, (as if they are fresh and anew) in Tennessee, Oklahoma and throughout this land parallel the thought of what is expressed in this piece that was written after thinking of an experience that was previously conveyed  to me.

However, there is no need to replay the actions and words that poured forth from the floor of the Tennessee legislature nor from the recordings of an Oklahoma city's Sheriff and other elected officials.

"Upon Closer Review"
is a testament to the fact that even though certain statements or behaviors may cause consternation and deep consideration-oftentimes the person exhibiting those questionable behaviors leaves NO DOUBT as to their desired meaning.

A word to the perpetrators, I SEE YOU!!!

I UNDERSTAND what is being said and conveyed!!!

The world sees you!!!

The world understands what is being said and conveyed!!!