Slater Hayes Podcast

"Round and Round"

February 05, 2023 Herman Veal
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Round and Round"
Show Notes

Well, what we have oftentimes attributed to the white man has now found its' way into the public arena within our community.

The OPPRESSED have now publicly demonstrated that we have indeed become willing instruments of the OPPRESSOR.

Sure, we can point to periods throughout the annals of time that the black man has utilized force and other manners of brutality to exercise control over our own. However, there always appeared to be an  extrinsic reward that was proffered in return for our callous behavior toward one another.

In the matter concerning the Memphis Police Officers there appears to be no reward other than an intrinsic desire to inflict harm upon another. Some have speculated and conjectured that something other than what we verifiably know has to be a part of the equation that led to the brutal, and mob style beating that was inflicted on the young brother, Tyre Nichols. Only time and the continuing investigation of all concerned will adequately address those things.

"Round and Round"

is a piece that was not composed in the aftermath of the heinous act perpetrated in Memphis. In fact, I held back this piece as in order to share it during the celebration of Black History Month. However, I do not think that there is a better time to share it than NOW.
This is a piece that expresses how we as BLACK MEN have an obligation to demonstrate LOVE and RESPECT for ourselves and EACH OTHER.

Absent of those two factors, LOVE and RESPECT, we will continue to experience a culture that repeatedly finds US in the position of victimization that is inflicted by THE SYSTEM, but even more sadly, BY EACH OTHER.

It is incumbent upon US to demonstrate better through our actions.