Slater Hayes Podcast

"It's All in A Word"

April 30, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 11
Slater Hayes Podcast
"It's All in A Word"
Show Notes

Nawwww, this is not a tribute to the mighty STEELER NATION!!
Nor is it intended to pay homage to the musical genius Wiz Khalifa whose popular song "Black and Yellow" had heads rocking throughout 2010.

Instead, this piece is intended to focus attention on the Minnesota Police Officer, Kimberley Wright, who committed an act of murder due to what she deemed an honest mistake. A murderer- who was sentenced to a meager 2 years-served 16 months and will complete her sentence on supervised release, prior to her victim's son opening his 2023 Christmas gifts.

This murder, by nature of the sentence was essentially deemed a mistake by the presiding and sentencing judge.  Thus, giving credence to the inconceivable notion that a 26-year veteran officer was unable to discern the difference between her lethal service revolver and a less than lethal taser.  While concurrently casting her as a pitiable figure worthy of leniency.

Thus, the title.

"It's All in A Word"
is an example of how, to many,  trivial OUR lives are. The simple act of choosing black OR yellow was dismissed and relegated to black AND yellow-as if the differentiation was inconsequential.

However, make no mistake. There are indeed consequences. Daunte Wright, Jr. is left to live a life without his father. Chyna Whitaker is left to assume the role of mother and father. Katie Wright is left to relive the last words spoken to her by Daunte, literally seconds prior to the MISTAKE.

I am not seeking to relitigate this incident. I am simply bringing awareness, again, that our lives are worth much more than the seemingly never-ending crescendos created by the perpetual and off beat sounds of... OOPS!!!