Slater Hayes Podcast

"Your Fire Too High"

March 26, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 6
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Your Fire Too High"
Show Notes

This piece was written at the conclusion of the 2000 Presidential election.

Those who had seemingly expressed their acceptance of the hatred that was consuming America had reached a rolling boil and was set to erupt. All in anticipation of an election result that would declare that 45 had won a second term.

"Your Fire Too High"

is a depiction of what was occurring and what was necessary to abate the movement that was confronting America during that time.

We were fortunate on that day, 28 months ago. Undoubtedly, on the day of the presidential election, some of those that appeared at the polls to cast their votes had a change of heart and decided that this experiment called democracy was worthy of continuing. So, they stepped into the ballot booth and voted for the person that more closely represented their idea of the America that was intended.

I was not of the belief that the fever that was prevalent was miraculously broken. Nor do I now believe that the malady that continues to inflict many and seeks to relegate certain segments of society to times past has been eradicated.

That day, however, could go down in history as the day that Americans actually LISTENED to what was being adamantly stated and inferred by those seeking to hold the highest office in the land. No, I do not wholly believe that their change in thinking was due to an act of altruism. Instead, it is my contention that a number of rational individuals realized that those things that were being propagated and carefully plotted were also designed to return them to a time when their individual freedoms would also be threatened and greatly limited.

My regret is that those who coalesced and breathed that fateful sigh did not blow hard enough to fully extinguish the raging fire of hatred and non-acceptance that is presently furiously engulfing the land.

I pray the proselytization efforts by those advocating hatred is an abject failure and that the hearts of those who have been previously indoctrinated are touched by a tremendous move of the HOLY SPIRIT.