Slater Hayes Podcast

"The Second Word"

April 09, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 8
Slater Hayes Podcast
"The Second Word"
Show Notes

The crucifixion, the tomb, the RESURRECTION.

Those three occurrences are the epitome of sacrifice...GIVING!!!

We oftentimes equate the act of giving to those things that are easily identifiable through the purchase and exchange of elaborate gifts.

Fortunately, the GIFT that we received from the events that occurred 2023 years ago were conveyed to us, freely.

"The Second Word"

was an inspiration from thoughts that were manifested on a specific day in 2022...Thanksgiving.

If we really thought of the ultimate act of giving that was intentionally expressed for us, then we would become more aware of the many acts that we can express daily towards those that impact our lives on a daily basis.

Your smile, that accompanies that early morning greeting. That card forwarded just because. Those flowers that are delivered for no special occasion. The holding of an elevator door for that person running desperately towards it. Each of those events, and many more represent acts of GIVING that are oftentimes seen as simple acts of kindness, or simply minimized or ignored.

Yes, they pale in comparison to the gift that we all received. But, they are indeed exemplars of what was accomplished during the three days of events that persons throughout the world now celebrate.

So, on this day let us all give THANKS. But more importantly, let us be intentional in our acts of giving.