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March 05, 2023 Herman Veal
Slater Hayes Podcast
Show Notes

This piece was composed while sitting on the 4th floor balcony of a hotel in Thailand.

I was overwhelmed by what I was reading and seeing on all the social media platforms regarding a reprehensible beating inflicted by those of the Memphis Police department.

Many were providing their rationale as to why African Americans should not read the articles nor view the camera footage of what occurred. Concurrently, just as many were stating their rationale as to why it was incumbent upon the entirety of society to view the footage.

I decided to view the footage. I WAS ABSOLUTELY APPALLED by what I viewed!!
A group of police officers beating Tyre death!!

This young man, when realizing what was occurring to him screamed for the one person, that throughout our lives, we have been conditioned to believe will protect us...

is a piece that is in recognition of the fear that was being experienced by Tyre during his senseless and brutal beating. Additionally, it is an attempt to put into words the tremendous pain and long-term suffering that is inflicted upon the thousands of mothers who have had to endure that which is unnatural....THE BURYING of one's child.

Our society in some way has hardened its hearts towards those who have experienced this pain. Whether the perpetrators are the police or, "yea, that one who grew up in the house with the purple doors right next to you (COLOR CODED)", the grief is the same.
Such grief is not something that one's acts of pride, cowardice, and selfishness should wantonly and callously inflict upon another...EVER!!

It is my prayer that the Spirit of Jehovah Shalom embrace all who have been left to endure such grief and that there is imminent healing within our land!!