Slater Hayes Podcast

"Aye, Aye"

March 12, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 4
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Aye, Aye"
Show Notes

Another piece written while vacationing and looking out over the hustle and bustle of persons going about their daily lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

 In this city of 12 million, it seems that there are 24 million cars, motorcycles and  vespas. Each, transporting individuals with independent lives along multitudinous paths-in search of "that thing" that constitutes happiness.

I marvel at the sheer thought that despite differing ways and concepts regarding living- it seems we all oftentimes remain  in search and possess a constant desire to remain in control.

"Aye, Aye"
is a piece that seeks to  capture one's thinking regarding the CAPTAIN of one's ship and how our internal man/woman persistently seeks to remain in control.

Despite the turmoil that occurs, irrespective of the choices at the various junctures within our lives, we, if not committed to "giving it over to GOD", are destined for incompleteness or failure- while simultaneously casting those who travel along side us, daily, into the abyss of insignificance.

This plays out in all facets of life whether the events are deemed of paramount importance or innocuous.

We must acknowledge each.



***While attending the B1G Tournament this week I made an earnest attempt to greet each individual that approached me with sincerity and an openess to hear their personal stories regarding their versions of stories that oftentimes centered around my personal journey.

I am THANKFUL that we shared and continue to share space along this journey.