Slater Hayes Podcast

"Along the Way"

March 19, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 5
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Along the Way"
Show Notes

The lessons taught and learned

"Along the Way"
are too numerous to capture in one short piece.  Lessons are oftentimes thought to be only dispensed by parents, teachers and others who possess positions of authority within one's life.

I ruminated on this piece after it was composed.

It led me to consider the number of things that I observed throughout my childhood and into my teenage years.

Throughout this time, as I recall, I never had the opportunity to witness any adult male within my family, or closely associated with me, shed tears, of joy or sorrow.

Within my community crying was looked upon as a sign of weakness-setting oneself up to be taken advantage of because of one's "softness". This way of thinking, as I remember, was prevalent throughout my community. And by community, I mean within homes, schools, churches and every other place that one commonly associates with community.

I wonder now how the ill-effects of this failure to show true emotion has negatively affected millions and millions of people , primarily BLACK MEN, along the way.

I ask, myself. "is it yet another remnant of the whip" that has been allowed to perpetually manifest throughout our community?

Am I unintentionally perpetuating this way of thinking?

What about you-what "wrong-headed" ways of thinking are you unintentionally passing on to your child?