Slater Hayes Podcast

"That Stain Ain't New"

July 02, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 19
Slater Hayes Podcast
"That Stain Ain't New"
Show Notes

It has all come to a head. To fruition...

The dismantling of all those things for which our ancestors so valiantly fought , suffered  and shed blood are being ripped away-right before our eyes.

Many in authority are diligently seeking to turn this place once referred to as that "shining light upon a hill" are destroying what was viewed as exemplary-bit by bit.

They are expossing what has been apparent to MY people for years.

"That Stain Ain't New"
is a piece that was written in 2020.
Look at how relevant it is now....Ain't it a shame.

Sadly, what we are now seeing does not surprise me one iota. If it surprises you, I have an admonition...TAKE YOUR BLINDERS OFF...YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!

These people have been showing us who they are for years. And if they are able to continue to recruit others of the ilk of the guy donning that black robe with that outer covering that resembles mine to positions of authority (NO, I WILL NEVER SAY HIS NAME), then, unfortunately, we will have to gird up and manifest the resilience of our ancestors and continue to gather at that corner of ANTICIPATION and HOPE to which I alluded in another of my pieces.

Whew, I know "Sam Didn't Say When", but will that transport of change ever arrive?