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August 28, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 23
Slater Hayes Podcast
Show Notes

A piece that was published for those among us who need it spelled out for them.

is just that piece. Pure and unadulterated-just as some of the acts that we are now witnessing.

Please feel free to add your list of those things which you observe to the ever expanding list that I started. It seems to be a non-exhaustive list.

WE can do something about it though.

IT'S caled VOTING.
Vote those out of office that are hell-bent on casting OUR history into the abyss!
Vote those out that want to return to the days when
we WE were viewed as chattel-3/5th's human.
Vote those out who want to impinge upon the rights of women to make decisions concerning their families-their bodies!
Vote those out who want to ban books!

You get the point. If you want to make a difference...VOTE!!!
...and BE SURE to encourage everyone within your personal sphere of influence to do the same.