Slater Hayes Podcast

"So, What Now"

September 17, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 22
Slater Hayes Podcast
"So, What Now"
Show Notes

As we look around us, we quickly take note of the melting pot of ethnicities that inhabit this land. If one is of a similar age and background as me, we also quickly recognize that there now exists a vast number of ethnically diverse couples.

Some of us may quickly think-"my how times have changed". 

Personally, I acknowledge what I see. However, I am left to ponder whether the comingling of the races is strictly an aberration and is what has led many of us to "lower our guard" as to the intent of a GREAT number of those who are in OUR midst.

This piece...
"So What Now"
is chalked full of cynicism regarding inter-racial relationships. It also leaves one to question the specific mindset of many who resemble me.  Is there authenticity in the relationships and interactions that I observe or are they simply what is fashionable for the moment? Will that person with whom I think I have formed a true friendship turn on me and revert to his or her true nature now that the societal environment seems to permit it?
Have WE, as Blacks, become too permissive and allowed ourselves to become hoodwinked into thinking that true Black/White relationships are possible?

These and myriad other questions pervade my mind.
One solution, however, seems to occupy that same space and my heart-the possibilities that are inherent with GOD!

Ruminate on that and this...II Chronicles 7:14.