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November 05, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 21
Slater Hayes Podcast
Show Notes

If one can remove SELF from situations, then it will allow for "a real understanding" of the needs of others and become sensitive to the fact that we ALL desire similar things.

We have all heard the stories!!
Whether they emanate from within your inner circle, or from that person to whom circumstance provides one the opportunity to "ear hustle". Often times, it pours forth from a personal desire that has been harbored -within.

It sometimes sounds like this..."when I retire I'm moving back..."...I wish I could go back..."

it seems our spirit is in a constant state of desire. A desire that is inexplicable but that we know is not being fulfilled by all those things we pour into it. I will not digress by providing examples of the myriad thigs to which I refer. What I do know is that each leaves a thirst...a thirst that continues to linger until we SATISFY the SPIRIT.

The SPIRIT that was breathed into us at the onset of our being. That SPIRIT that perpetually hungers and provides that offramp, regardless of the circumstance that we carelessly involve ourselves. That SPIRIT that provides a place that is free of cynicism and condemnation.

We all know the place to which I refer because we have heard the beckoning and experienced the heaviness of heart when we continue to stray or consciously choose to elude....THAT CALL!!

Do NOT be dismayed. If you have thus far chosen to ignore it, take my word, it continues- becoming as clear as when mama screamed out and her voiced resonated oftentimes at the tenor that only you could hear...