Slater Hayes Podcast

"Never Intended for Everybody"

October 01, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 30
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Never Intended for Everybody"
Show Notes

If this past week -past since whenever- is not indicative of the lack of concern for the everyday man/woman , then I don't know what is.

The far right was prepared to bring the economy to a screeching halt simply because their puppeteer instructed them to do so.  They were prepared, among other things, to disrupt day care, end Meals on Wheels, delay airport travel, cease court proceedings-ahhhh, that's what 45 was after-to halt criminal proceedings. Unaware, that during previous budget issues, federal criminal proceedings continued-uninterrupted.

But, let me get out of the weeds.

Let me briefly address the numerous persons who seem to support the far right.
They pretend as if their support is because of the border, crime, etc.- those things that are perpetually discussed by the pundits.

The fact of the matter is that the real issue is RACE and ceding to others what they have forever thought was only theirs.

"Never Intended for Everybody"
addresses the obstacles that those who have benefitted from privilege are willing to construct in order to maintain that privilege. It also addresses the glee that is derived by doing so.

Many who wholeheartedly support the entitled efforts of the far right have been duped into believing that the purported financial benefits will trickle down to them-failing to understand that their circumstance will continue and leave them in the wake as collateral damage.  Thus, leaving them right alongside those for whom they possess tremendous disdain-PEOPLE of COLOR.

The sad reality is that those who were willing to send the economy into a preventable tailspin were really not attempting to hide their real purpose. They have addressed it openly and many have removed the veil that once hid their motives.

Have those with whom you come into daily contact done the same or are they continuing to hide behind some other pretense?