Slater Hayes Podcast

"Where, Oh Where"

November 12, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 37
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Where, Oh Where"
Show Notes

There is a simple but sincere question at the end of this piece.

NO, it is not rhetorical.

I know that situations change and the environment in which they opoerate has become exponentially more complex.

However, it still leads me to pose a question, even in the title...

"Where, Oh Where"
It seems that, attitudinally, those donning the shields of law enforcement, have become more belligerent and confrontational over time. As I alluded to previously, I know that the world has changed. But even back in the "old days" law enforcement officers were confronted with a number of precarious situations. They, however, seemed to possess an innate ability to address each situation without escalating it.

Maybe my expectations are too great.

However, lowering my expectations is non-negotiable. How about attempting to raise those of those who are sworn to serve and protect.

****Rest in Peace...ELIJAH McCLAIN!!!