Slater Hayes Podcast

"I Hear a Symphony"

November 19, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 38
Slater Hayes Podcast
"I Hear a Symphony"
Show Notes

If only we all would come to the understanding that our lives are so much better when we are of one accord with those within our individual circles and those who are members of the huge group that influence or impact our lives daily.

Sure, one can operate from the perspective of a soloist and journey through this life with an "I" and "my " mentality. One can achieve tremendous success by doing so.  One can also become consumed with the "I did it myself" mentality and find oneself exhibiting extreme selfishness that oftentimes leads to discord, loneliness and depression.

"I Hear a Symphony"

addresses the beauty of what is achieved when we allow our individual desires to become enmeshed within the beauty of what is achievable as a group.

A group that is oftentimes better served when led by one GLORIOUS conductor.

I can hear the outcry from many as I write this..."I don't need nobody telling me how to do nothing...I got this".

While expressing this, simply think of how that favorite tune would sound if only it had your favorite instrument within the band.  Pretty weak...huh?

Let me be clear. I am not advocating for one to dismiss one's personal desires. OUR GREAT CONDUCTOR does not desire that our gifts be ignored.

I am simply expressing that one should recognize that the pursuit of individual achievements become more attainable when they become a part of and are designed to serve more than oneself.

Now, play with fervor and think of the beautiful music that emanates from you as a part of the awesome symphony that seeks to evoke change within your home, community and within.