Slater Hayes Podcast

"A Tattered Script"

April 11, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 12
Slater Hayes Podcast
"A Tattered Script"
Show Notes

Your continuing onslaught of dastardly and cowardly deeds  is designed to make us grow weary.

The constant acts of blatant  racism that are being perpetrated against us by persons that are intent on maintaining the diminishing authority and privilege that they now possess has seemingly increased the wanton acts of cruelty against my people. 

They are utilizing "A Tattered Script" . 

Tattered by its continuing use in order  to accomplish the desires of intimidation and brutality that have proven to be very successful within my community.

Though our spirits remain under assault and may have been  diminished by your continuing efforts-they have not diminished to the point of acquiescence-for we stand on the shoulders of our brave ancestors. Those that continue to uplift us during times of your frontal assault on those things that should be inherent to all.

Know this-we  will not succumb under the weight of  your vile actions!!

Our Spirit Lives!!