Slater Hayes Podcast

"The Citadel"

May 23, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 18
Slater Hayes Podcast
"The Citadel"
Show Notes

Citadel: a fortress that commands a city.
Synonyms: fortification, bastion, stronghold.

The portrayal of the black man within the black family-within society-has been defined as everything EXCEPT those words above. The persistent portrayal of the black man as a shiftless thug- one who has abdicated his position due to a lack of concern for family and community-has been perpetuated and continues to grow throughout the land. This growth has been nurtured, in part,  due to the inflammatory code words that are used to describe the areas predominantly occupied by my people.

Words such as inner-city, ghetto and urban blight have been used to create a vision of areas that have been neglected- cast away.  The phrases "at-risk youth" and" female-headed household" have been utilized to foster negative images of entire generations-the entire family structure- in order to falsely portray the BLACK MAN as having totally shunned  the  responsibility of  ensuring the success of both their individual  families and their  communities, at-large.

"The Citadel"...

is a short piece that I composed  within my head while driving past a school located within a predominantly black neighborhood several years ago and witnessed BLACK MEN, of all ages and dress,  proudly escorting their children from school. It found its' way to paper only recently amidst the spate of incidents by those within Amerikkka that persist in on-going efforts to demonize the BLACK MAN, irrespective of the circumstance.

WE know that  the BLACK MAN remains a stronghold within our families and a bastion for those in search of a comforting hand or the fortifying support that can only be provided by us-THE BLACK MAN! 
WE recognize that our families, our communities are not only enhanced but thrive due to our presence. 

Let's not allow those with  nefarious motives to minimize OUR IMPORTANCE any further.