Slater Hayes Podcast

"Mama, It's Still Circling "

June 27, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 23
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Mama, It's Still Circling "
Show Notes

The continuous killing of my people and the barrage of those events being televised continuously has eliminated the need for indoctrination once incorporated at the "special pic-a-nic".
White youth are now being plopped down in front of televisions and are being taught the intricacies of hatred, wittingly and unwittingly, without leaving their homes. This was especially true during March 2020 until very recently(June 2021).

Yes, the lynching's are now being beamed directly into their homes.

"Mama, It's Still Circling"

highlights the reality, some may perceive this belief as far-fetched, that there is a concerted effort to warp the minds of youth by allowing them to witness the murder of blacks unabated for days and weeks on end. All without using these occurrences as teaching moments to highlight the cruelties of hatred and immorality.

But, then again- why would they , when there is agreement with what is being witnessed.

We have to face and confront the ugly reality-HEAD ON-that hatred and racism exists and that it can never be adequately addressed without calling it out and recognizing how it is being perpetuated.

As long as the issue persists, I will continue to address it-in my special way!!



***The sentence imposed upon the murderer of George Floyd  in no way levels the playing field as it relates to the disproportionate level of violence perpetrated against my people by law enforcement. However, it does fortify the spirit of HOPE that is ever-present within the hearts and minds of those within my community.