Slater Hayes Podcast

"I Wish"

September 05, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 20
Slater Hayes Podcast
"I Wish"
Show Notes

"I Wish"-(Originally published June 6, 2021)

I am re-publishing this piece because we now find that those things that I was once thought to only be pontificating  about-the move to dismantle  VOTING RIGHTS and the reversal of ROE V. WADE- have now, regrettably, come to fruition.

Why, one asks?

I would venture to say it is because TOO MANY have chosen to bury their heads and remain on the sidelines.  Assuming, incorrectly,  that the elimination of the aforementioned  rights would not and will not affect them directly.

Sadly, they are grossly mistakened and have willingly allowed  themselves to become  DIS-informed. The reversal of these 2 landmark  cases should  be assumed to be a precursor for what is further in store for persons of color, women, immigrants,  the LGBTQ+, and other communities that  could potentially find themselve negatively affected by this "in-our-face" assault to MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN.

Yes, this mantra represents the mindset of WHITE MEN who are brazenly attempting to return this country to a time when they controlled and dictated ALL ASPECTS of the lives of everyone residing within their ameriKKKa.

The republication of
"I Wish" simply me voicing my thoughts-out loud- in hopes that those who remain on th  sidelines will finally recognize that the cocoon in which they have wrapped themselves is fallible and subject to the ill-conceived  wicked thought  of those they view as brothers.


...a piece that I composed when  thinking of the  various movements that have been started in recent years-ALL with the intent of solidifying our civil rights and  increasing the level of awareness of our youth and to attempt to mobilize those that are inclined to remain silent  in spite of the number of atrocities that are being perpetrated against people of color.

Are our efforts to mobilize our youth in the continuing struggle for civil and human rights failing to impact our youth and leaving our future in the hands of a generation that is ill prepared to confront the issues at hand?

Should our constant entreaties to those who profess to respect our plight-but remain SILENT- continue with the aspirations that SOMEDAY their voices will reverberate from the shadows and assist in our desire for lasting change?

Those are two of  the pressing questions that I have. Indeed, there are many more.

How many do you have?

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