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Shooting Star

June 19, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 22
Slater Hayes Podcast
Shooting Star
Show Notes

It's hard to believe that on this day 35 years ago you were relegated to being a memory. We love you just as much now as we did then. Not because of your super human feats on the court, and believe me they were super human, but because of who you were. Your out-going personality, desire to satisfy and accommodate all, regardless of the request.

Maybe that contributed to your tragic demise. Hey, that's for another day and time.

On this day I want to honor you with this piece...

"Shooting Star"

...that succinctly expresses the place you maintain within my heart and mind. I am more than sure that there are numerous others that have similar thoughts.

Continue your rest brother!!!



***Hey man, several of the fellows and myself are getting together on June 19th, for the first time since your funeral, to reminisce and chop it up. I am sure that you will be pleased that we finally are getting together even if it is via ZOOM. NAWWW, I don't know what has taken us sooo long.