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June 19, 2022 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 24
Slater Hayes Podcast
Show Notes

June 19, 2022
A republishing of this piece on this day-a day seared in the minds of SO MANY-evokes memories of what was and creates visions of what could have been.

We LOVE and MISS you Lenny.....

How apropos!!!

The  words contained here were written for a specific audience. I pray they fall on sensitive ears.

The piece I share today is designed to  address the true and raw emotions that have been, in some instances, bottled-up and inadequately addressed for so long after the death of our boooyyy- Len Bias.

No, this is not some attempt, 35 years later, to rekindle the feelings of those that were intimately involved with our "Shooting Star". Nor is it an attempt to provide a mode of catharsis for others-although I am certain that it will.

Instead, this is my personal attempt to put into words what it was like to try to address the feelings that poured forth, and those that were held captive, after that fateful day-June 19, 1986.


... is the direct result of a statement that was made by my wife, Marjorie, concerning a comment that I made after communicating with a great friend of mine(fellow Terp) and several other teammates via a ZOOM call- our first group communication since 1986.

Sure, all of us have progressed from that day and have led productive and meaningful lives... and a FEW of us maintain meaningful communication.  However, I oftentimes concern myself with  the lack of comradery with so many others  with whom I share so many precious memories.

Did the death of Len negatively  impact the future of those relationships?

Maybe this is selfish but to simply acknowledge my various states of emotion,  via the written and spoken word, has been somewhat liberating after all these many years. 

Listen, Ruminate and then Play it Back!!!

Maybe it will be as liberating for you as it was for me.