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"I Ain't Made to be Contained "

August 08, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 29
Slater Hayes Podcast
"I Ain't Made to be Contained "
Show Notes

"I Ain't Made to be Contained

...the fifth in a series of episodes that are my attempt to identify the various constrictions that the affliction of addiction is capable of manifesting within one's life. Oftentimes that constriction is that of diminishing confidence with one's personal skill, or, the inability to "see" the potential contained within  those things that appear before us-potential that was once so apparent.

Drugs, and any other addiction for that matter, have the ability to cause their respective users to  construct self-imposed walls within their lives and their imaginations. Oftentimes creating a mindset that alters lives and causing the manifestation of a mindset/ lifestyle that proves to be even more deleterious than the addiction itself.

I pray that each listener is lead to read the descriptions of each individual episode-listen to the episode- and ruminate on those parts contained within each that may prove beneficial to the overcoming of those things that seek to inhibit growth on all levels. Prayerfully, this can be accomplished through the knowledge that...


***1 Corinthians 10:13

Our Spirit Lives!!!