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"I Ain't Made to be Contained "

November 14, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 42
Slater Hayes Podcast
"I Ain't Made to be Contained "
Show Notes

I previously posted this piece on August 8, 2021, as the fifth episode in the detailing of the hold that drugs once had on my life...


I am posting it to extol the goodness that MY GOD has in store for me and ALL that truly trust and believe that HE can truly do abundantly more than we can ask think or imagine. 

Yes, I have written several pieces that would probably more adequately celebrate GOD. However....

"I Ain't Made to be Contained"

with all its nuances, allows the listener to delve into the realities of our human nature seeking to control the course of our lives as we helplessly watch it being played out- RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!

Why may you ask?  The answers are multitudinous. But as for me, it was due to the insatiable desire to lead- to go out before the ark.

God has done a mighty work for me. However, it is my sincere prayer that HE will continue to perform an even mightier work through me.

HE has established this time as a time in my life for me to redeem the numerous gifts with which HE has gifted me.

No, not so that I can revel about individual success(es), but so that I can use each of the opportunities with which I have been presented, and that are on the horizon, to mightily impact just one, two-millions-by enumerating possible solutions to the numerous societal issues that are presented within The Spoken Word.

I now realize that GOD was setting me up by awakening me in the early morning hours to compose the numerous pieces that have evoked thought among loyal listeners and queries from those unsure as to the purpose of each. To be quite honest, I often found myself in sheer amazement and asking- WHY?

I know that each episode was the laying of the the groundwork for the next phase of what is sure to be dynamic, relevant and a source from which HE can receive ALL THE GLORY!!!

Stay Tuned-Keep your Eyes Open as I allow GOD to lead me down the path of this new and exciting journey-free and freed from self- imposed walls.

Our Spirit Lives!!



"I Ain't Made to be Contained

...the fifth in a series of episodes that are my attempt to identify the various constrictions that the affliction of addiction is capable of manifesting within one's life. Oftentimes that constriction is that of diminishing confidence with one's personal skill, or, the inability to "see" the potential contained within  those things that appear before us-potential that was once so apparent.

Drugs, and any other addiction for that matter, have the ability to cause their respective users to  construct self-imposed walls within their lives and their imaginations. Oftentimes creating a mindset that alters lives and causing the manifestation of a mindset/ lifestyle that proves to be even more deleterious than the addiction itself.

I pray that each listener is lead to read the descriptions of each individual episode-listen to the episode- and ruminate on those parts contained within each that may prove beneficial to the overcoming of those things that seek to inhibit growth on all levels. Prayerfully, this can be accomplished through the knowledge that...


***1 Corinthians 10:13

Our Spirit Lives!!!