Slater Hayes Podcast

"I Now Know why Ambulance is Spelled Backwards"

July 25, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 27
Slater Hayes Podcast
"I Now Know why Ambulance is Spelled Backwards"
Show Notes

Oftentimes as we go about the life of living out our addiction, irrespective of our affliction of choice, we refuse to take note of the effect that it has on our temperament, our ability  to socialize- our physical appearance.
In my case, I even spent an inordinate amount of time in the mirror,  hell-bent on ensuring that what was before me met the standards of those  with whom I interacted daily. Little did I know that the majority of those in my life were concerned with not angering me or hurting my feelings regarding my appearance. Some chose to remain quiet simply because they had grown weary/saddened by the litany of lies that cascaded from my mouth with my every utterance.
I continued down that  path until I saw an ambulance come within view of my rear view mirror. The  word in the  mirror appeared correctly-even though we all know it is not correct on the   vehicle.   
That moment in time illuminated something within me-that word, for some strange reason, caused me to SEE ME as I really was.

"I Know why Ambulance is Spelled Backwards" 

...was my epiphany and, in my opinion, was the beginning of my revival.   For in that   instant I came to realize that I was less than a shell of myself.  Indescribable- even to those  that  professed to care for me.

No, this was not the moment that I was delivered. (THAT IS A FUTURE EPISODE). However, I view it as the moment that God revealed to me that  the guy primping before the mirror should take a HARD LOOK at what was really being reflected.

Our Spirit Lives!!