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Say a Prayer While You're There

August 15, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 30
Slater Hayes Podcast
Say a Prayer While You're There
Show Notes

this and the previous episodes are those that hit close to home for those who have been mired in the abyss of addiction- in my case -drug addiction.
I oftentimes found myself trapped within the walls of my own mind-restrained there by what I thought was a temporary infatuation-something, because of my self-proclaimed intelligence, that I could out maneuver.

However, I found myself  behaving in a manner that I had oftentimes witnessed. Seeking out that last remnant of that which was surely mistakenly dropped in the midst of loading the receptacle designed to deliver the feeling of a fleeting ecstasy.

Let's keep it real-I never imagined that I would EVER  behave in such a manner. I had oftentimes witnessed such behavior-BUT NEVER ME!! However, as I look back, I now find myself assured in the knowledge that  God allowed me to reach that point so that I could become awakened and that this position of submission was what I needed to experience.

"Say a Prayer While You're There" indeed REAL and depicts, with few words, the various periods of my life-filled with weariness, glee, disappointment and a persistent search of that something to  moderate that mercurial internal barometer- filled with its' seemingly never ending too high highs and too low lows. The search for the remnants of a drug led me back to a position that the drug itself had forced  me to abandon-cast aside.

The experiences captured in this episode was the precursor to what would become life changing...

Be sure to tune in next time as I bring you more of my TEST-imony !!!