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What is Its' Name to You

August 29, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 32
Slater Hayes Podcast
What is Its' Name to You
Show Notes

I am re-publishing this piece on this day, June 3, 2022, because the FEAR that is now running rampant throughout the land is palpable. Children are afraid to attend the last days of school, parents are deathly afraid to send them, mall and big store shoppers stare wearily at the many who seem out-of-place and unexpected popping sounds create mass hysteria. All, created by the many atrocities that have been recently committed....

Current circumstances have created yet a new Booga' Bear in the lives of many.  Accomplishing the EXACT intent from that which it emanates.

We cannot allow ourselves to be continuing hapless participants within this crucible of evil....WE CANNOT SUCCUMB TO ITS' PARALYZING FEAR!!!

Too often  those things that are unfamiliar and pose some form of obstacle  are brought to life in the form of a monster that seems impossible to overcome.  It is beyond time that we address the reality that the fear of the proverbial monster in the closet is not solely exclusive to the fantastical imaginations of youth.

Throughout this journey-where  every ache turns into the "Big C", all weird engine sounds warrant a new car,  each  anonymous call has to be devastating news,  and yes, the thought of every new city creates a paralyzing fear-we breathe  life into them all, simply because they  reside in the realm of the unknown.

"What is Its' Name to You"
...reveals the manner in which our personal  "boogeyman" seeks to shake our foundation-even when it is appears to be firmly rooted.

As adults, we find ourselves possessing a level of pride that prevents  us from shouting out for help. More often than not,  we settle into a posture that attempts to ignore the cause of our fear or proffer a blustery response that is totally beyond what is necessary to adequately address the matter.

In either case, that which we fear is enabled to metastasize  while  continuing  to wreak havoc within our lives, if not addressed.

We have to deal with our individual "booga bear".

Our Spirit Lives!!