Slater Hayes Podcast

Inflection Point

August 22, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 31
Slater Hayes Podcast
Inflection Point
Show Notes

This  picture that I captured  depicts an example  of nature's pure beauty. The complexities of this web are eerily similar to the perplexities encountered within the lives of the addicted.

The affliction of addiction leaves one believing that the beautiful  distorted  canvas of life that is being created  is "all good"- leaving one unable to discern  that each mind-altered decision, each flailing  movement, is engendering an inextricable  stream of life's entanglements-leaving its' victim ensnared within a web of self-deceit and self-destruction.

A self-created web that the addicted finds one's self unable to navigate- during periods of sobriety-nor during the far too frequent altered states of euphoria.

"Inflection Point" the place  that I reached just prior to being  "FILLED"(next week's episode). Just as the rising sun is captured breaking its' way through the trees  and is beginning to  illuminate the intricacies of the beauty of the spider web-my realization and acceptance  of  WHAT I had become, and WHO I was, due to my addiction was being revealed. Inexplicably, at that specific point and time, I  had  finally begun to see as I had never seen before. I now know that the source of the  illuminating light was that of the SON. HIS intent-to expose the vast  network of drug induced behaviors that were being meticulously woven in order to  facilitate my ultimate demise.

Thankfully, GOD'S never-ending MERCY and GRACE carried me to the point where I was ready to  accept  WHOSE I am and to dispense of the selfish desires that were hindering me from becoming who I was intended to become.  A vessel created to encounter those anonymous individuals  who are on the shore cheering me on so that I can positively impact them along their life's journey- in order that they can begin and successfully fulfill their assignment(s).


***That spider web was there SPECIFICALLY for me in order that the contents of this long ago written episode, never before revealed to the public, could assist that ONE listener in confronting the presenting obstacles  along their life's  journey...HALLELUJAH!!!

Our Spirit Lives!!!