Slater Hayes Podcast

"Still, Deeper"

September 26, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 36
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Still, Deeper"
Show Notes

The full majesty  of this experiment called democracy may, in my humble opinion, never be fully illuminated due to the resistance of those exerting control to  forthrightly address their  systemic and  personal affinity(ies) for racism.

Their has been, in the last two weeks, an attempt  by this platform to silence my individual and personal thoughts/beliefs.

Why, I ask?

Nothing I have posted is derogatory, inflammatory, nor casts aspersions towards any specific individual. Sure, a number  of my past pieces may lead one to identify certain persons. This is only possible due to the obvious truths that one has experienced, or  is able to discern, due to being victimized by the negative  effects of those experiences. Others that would be able to identify, or discern, the subject of my pieces are those that are the perpetrators of those events deemed deleterious to another.

"Still, Deeper"
was written many months ago but was now chosen for publication because of what has recently occurred regarding The Spoken Word.
More importantly,  I chose to publish it at this time becacuse of the correlation between  The Spoken Word and what is occurring to  MY PEOPLE at this specific point  in time.

THERE IS A BLATANT ATTEMPT-A CONCERTED MOVEMENT- TO SILENCE MY PEOPLE, via a failure to legislate voting rights, police reform, education(Critical Race Theory), and many other institutional policies that those of a certain melanin take for granted.

It is more than obvious that those presently wielding power would rather we remain silent-remain shrouded in the darkness where the dictates of  authoritarianism  would  keep the magnificence of our being, the beauty of our faces,  the depths  of our intellect and the vastness of our creativity  tucked away- IN A DARKENED SPACE.