Slater Hayes Podcast

Messaging II

September 19, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 35
Slater Hayes Podcast
Messaging II
Show Notes

This is an edited version of a piece that was previously published on THE SPOKEN WORD with Slater Hayes  podcast.
Although it has been edited, it does not diminish the content contained within.

The various  manner(s) by which the effects of the whip are affecting US, my people, are multitudinous.
It is incumbent upon us to recognize the

"Messaging II"
and the inherent deleterious nature of an instrument that was used to attempt to force us to  succumb, both physically and in spirit. 

We must, as a people, once again "dig within" and learn to fight the crippling effects of a system that is designed to perpetually cast us against ourselves.

More importantly, we must utilize our innate ability(ies) to stand against a system that has been nutured to wield power over us through oppressive and suppressive tactics.

Our Spirit Lives!!!