Slater Hayes Podcast

"Someone is Always Watching"

November 28, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 34
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Someone is Always Watching"
Show Notes

Originally published September 12, 2021...
This piece, I feel, is very apropos in light of the holidays and the  numerous children, young adults and even  adults who are observing us go through this journey called LIFE!!


In our zeal to adhere to the WORD of GOD, we, I believe, sometimes fall short by not delving into the true meaning of its' content.  One such instance where this occurs is our belief that relationships, especially those viewed as negative, are to be treated as simple accoutrements of that specific season, and nothing further.

I contend that those relationships are to be viewed as part of the cornucopia of relationships that are required to grow you into the person which you were intended. Those "negative" and "seasonal" relationships are, themselves, designed to further you along in your walk, as well as, aid the other party along in his or her  journey.

Keep in mind the manner in which we grow relationships, and how we respond to those that fail, is being observed by others. The fact that  we  give short shrift, intentionally and unintentionally,  to those that provide vital ingredients to our overall makeup is also critical to how those seeking to emulate us comprise the recipe to their individual futures.

In spite of this knowledge, our actions  oftentimes denote an obliviousness to the reality that...

"Someone is Always Watching"

This piece  attempts to highlight the reality that  we are always being observed. But more importantly, it is my attempt to cast  a light on the importance  of ALL  relationships, whether they be fleeting or lifelong, and the purpose that each serves in our individual growth.

So, in the future, give honor to the variety of experiences that have impacted your life and be sure to learn to understand and appreciate the importance of the "seasoning" they  continue to contribute. In addition, make a conscious effort to acknowledge the extent of "flavoring" left behind by those who are no longer part of your recipe.

More importantly, always keep in mind that regardles  of the duration of their season or the level of their  input...

They all added to the composition of the  finished product...YOU!!