Slater Hayes Podcast

"Bottled Up"

May 07, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 12
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Bottled Up"
Show Notes


The scourge of the Covid pandemic has been officially declared over by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Let the celebrations begin!!!

However, let us all be cognizant of the fact that some of our youth were unable to participate in those events for which we are now exhausting exorbitant amounts of money and resources. Let us be aware of the pain endured by those who missed the opportunities for proms and that long anticipated walk across the stage, among other things.

No, I am not stating that celebrating the accomplishments of those who have attained   those things will foment jealousy within those who were regrettably robbed of their opportunities.  I am simply stating that, as adults, we should be mindful that EMOTIONS ARE REAL and some of our youths were forced to carry them around...


My niece Analise, a brilliant student, top notch competitive swimmer and overall special child, provided inspiration for this piece.

I thought that it  was going to be conveyed in a manner that would suggest that I was feeling empathetic for the experiences that she , and others of her age, were having to endure due to the scourge of COVID.
A scourge that is continuing to ravage  our communities due to the willful  neglect created  by  personal choice.

Instead, as you can hear by the inflection within my delivery, it is delivered in a manner that more so  conveys a sense of frustration with those that are leaving our precious ones to experiment with various ways to contain their emotions.  Emotions that are caused by the infliction of pain thrust upon them  by those who are "supposed" to have their best interest at heart.

Yes, ADULTS, I am referring to all of you who are more concerned with scoring political points than the emotional and physical well-being of our youth. OUR YOUTH who are progressing through their formative years without experiencing those things that were  critical to our personal self-development.

Several of those things are mentioned in the piece  so I will not elaborate further.

The hyper-politicization of a pandemic that has thrown us all back on our heels, and devastated families, has caused some of us to forget how delicate our emotions were at similarly significant points in our lives. We also seem to have conveniently forgotten the numerous factors and events that helped to shape us into whom we have become.

"Bottled Up"
is my way of simply highlighting the pain and hurt that is being felt by our youth due to our selfish and oftentimes abhorrent behavior.

It is my desire that this piece serve as a reminder to us all to take care of our children, our youth-  those that we profess to care about- by listening to them and adhering to those things that are designed  to better serve their personal well-being and their  futures.

It is essential, as adults,  that we remove SELF from the equation so that OUR CHILDREN may once again flourish!



*** Yes, Analise's mother, my sister, has long ago made the correct choice!