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December 13, 2022 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 41
Slater Hayes Podcast
Show Notes

"Unabridged": not cut or shortened;

Just as with any phrase or sentence, the punctuation that is used is helpful in determining  the meaning of what is written preceding its use.
In fact, it even plays a role in the voice inflection of  the reader.

While reminiscing about the times past during the journey of "your dash", ask yourself the following,
" what manner of punctuation should I use in seeking to describe a specific period in time?"

Personally, I found it quite interesting  and very enlightening.

So, as you  ruminate on this episode and reflect on times past,  take pause(that would be a comma), and consider the punctuation that will be used as you presently confront the circumstances of the day.

As for me, my author has a way of provoking me with the punctuation that HE uses, for HIS edition of my story is indeed...


and he grants me mercy and grace, with each new page, each new chapter, in order to continue on the path HE directs.

No, there is no way that I can change the past punctuation(s).

However, I can indeed learn from each period of time and seek to ensure that the punctuation  to be used in the future will appropriately capture my selfless desire to live out the mantra...
" I was created to make something or SOMEONE better!"