Slater Hayes Podcast

"A Piece of the Come Up"

November 21, 2021 Herman Veal Season 1 Episode 43
Slater Hayes Podcast
"A Piece of the Come Up"
Show Notes

Those that grew up in the hearts of urban areas are probably  left without words as they witness the complete redevelopment of  areas that they once called home.  What was  formerly the local sandlot that  represented the home field advantage against neighboring foes now houses a renowned nationally known supermarket.

Memories of mom catching the train to, and the jitney from, the ONLY store 20 miles away still bombard the minds of the many who now cascade through the self-checkout in the identical spot that was once the heart of the  'hood.

Did anyone notice that they are building another bank on what was  the location of our hangout. You know, the former duplex- the one where we hung out on the stoop and watched the girls and told fantastical dreams of what we were going to bring back to the community once we "made" it.
Did you check out the name of the bank? Yep, its the same bank  that inhibited my folks, and probably yours too, from attaining their dreams-that  failed to provide them the loan to obtain... 

"A Piece of the Come Up" they are taking advantage of the remaining few by enticing them with a life free from the maladies  that the powers that be seemingly have raised their hands to in surrender.

There should be questions as to why developers so desperately want to acquire areas that have been identified as gang infested and crime ridden. Questions should abound as to how those acquired areas miraculously evolve into "the safest neighborhoods" within the city, once they have bamboozled our people out of what was obviously  prime real estate.

It may sound as if I am telling someone else's story as I was reared in Jackson, Mississippi.  I am. However,  the issues that are are prevalent within the larger urban cities are now pervasive within the south. That includes unknown investors buying out long-time residents for pennies on the dollar-alleging to help them  achieve their desire for that  peace that they so richly deserve and seek.

We must do our homework, We must unite and insist that our communities be held in the same regard as those that are being taken over. We must demand that we be treated with the same dignity  as those who now occupy the spaces- the places-that helped to mold us into who we have become.