Slater Hayes Podcast

"Sam, Didn't Say When"

February 19, 2023 Herman Veal Season 3 Episode 1
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Sam, Didn't Say When"
Show Notes

I decided to republish this piece to kick off the start of Season 3 of "The Spoken Word.

Slater Hayes, Productions has grown immensely since its' beginning two years ago.
My desire to inspire, educate, expand horizons, increase self-awareness and to free US ALL from the constrained thinking created by the ill-effects of racism, classism and the other prevalent 'ISMS continues by the GRACE of GOD.

OUR GOD, who has deemed this vision a useful tool in the furtherance of HIS KINGDOM.

HE is guiding me along this journey and is now exposing me to new opportunities, forming new relationships and solidifying others.

Hip -hop legend and renowned producer Keith Shocklee/Wizard K-Jee (Public Enemy, Bomb Squad) will be lending his immense talent by collaborating with Slater Hayes, Productions, Altavoz Entertainment and Black Dollar Entertainment in seeking to ensure that the dynamic message of The Spoken Word fall upon the ears of a wider demographic audience.

I look forward to whatever else that GOD has in store...for I know that without HIM none of this would have been possible.

For those who did not experience the beginning of this journey, join me as I revisit some of my earlier pieces.

"Sam, Didn't Say When"
is a piece that highlights anticipation, hope and fortitude...those things that GOD provides-irrespective of the circumstance.

Lift me in prayer as I continue to TRUST GOD along this exciting journey.





As the years keep rolling by, we as a people still find ourselves in 
"hold" mode.

We can pretend as if the actions, or lack thereof, of persons in positions of authority have no direct impact on our lives or the lives of those to whom we aspire to take up the mantle of our rich heritage.

The lyrics " we shall overcome"  continue to drip eloquently from the mouths of those who have seen the arc continue to bend. Thus, shattering the past practices of our oppressors and those who benefit from their practices due to the tacit approval conveyed through uninvolvement-inaction.

There are those of us who feel change is not occurring rapidly enough.

And, unfortunately, there are also those among us who actually thought  we had  arrived.  To their chagrin, they are now  experiencing  some of the not- so- subtle machinations of a system that aspires to return us to times of torment and injustice.

"Sam, Didn't Say When "
is my way of recognizing those who have been and remain in the struggle- waiting on the corner-for that transport promised by the soulful lyricist, and many before him, YEARS AGO.

Despite being perpetually stuck in a holding pattern, the will and determination of my people has not waned. Instead, we continue to gather- my people-representing all walks of life-intent on boarding  that bus that will deliver us to that place where those things hoped for can  become fully manifest.

Let us remain vigilant and prayerful that Sam's words were a prophecy soon to come to fruition.