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"Rubber Trees All Around Us"

January 21, 2024 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 5
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Rubber Trees All Around Us"
Show Notes

This piece was originally published on 03-06-2022.

Frederick Douglas in his historic "What the Black Man Wants" speech delivered before the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, just days before the end of the civil war recognized that the Black man is faced with many obstacles.

Chief among those obstacles is the prevalence of a " malignancy of hatred' that is being perpetuated from generation to generation among whites.

We, as a people, must recognize that silence regarding those things and actions that rob us of our inherent rights must be addressed at the time of their occurrence. Too often we assume that someone else will address the issue and it is allowed to fester and evolve into something that far exceeds its' life expectancy.

Ruminate on the following...
" No class of man can, without insulting their own nature, be content with any deprivation of their rights". (F. Douglas-"What the Black Man Wants", 1865)

The level of our desire to experience life in the same manner, with the same freedoms, as others has not diminished.

Certainly, impediments, and the ill intent of others, has negatively affected generations of MY people. Generations, who were oftentimes travelling along this journey, in hopes of experiencing the American dream oftentimes saw their dreams violently interrupted by many who were hell-bent on preventing such lofty desires.

"Rubber Trees All Around Us"
was written as a testament to the many that were unwillingly sacrificed and those who daily make a choice to painstakingly identify and overcome those obstacles (rubber trees) that are intentionally designed and constructed to prevent US from living our best lives.

So many have acquiesced and abandoned their dreams-leaving the unfulfilled aspirations of their forefathers to remain adrift-consumed by the abyss of denial, non-inclusion and the perpetual intimidating threats of violence wickedly veiled in a desire to return to years past.

Our enduring spirit has positioned us to recognize that  we are more highly considered than the ANT
-aware that when facing inconceivable adversity- to  remain firm  in the foundational knowledge of  that which is inherently  ours through a birthright of HE that provides eternal...