Slater Hayes Podcast

"Better Know Your Seed"

October 16, 2022 Herman Veal Season 2 Episode 2
Slater Hayes Podcast
"Better Know Your Seed"
Show Notes

This piece...
I went DEEEEP into the vault to find this piece after I became knowledgeable that my current path mirrors that of the grandfather I never knew. I remember it pouring from me and at the moment of writing it finding myself thinking-"where did this come from"?

I invite you to listen to it.

I invite you to ruminate on it.

I give you my permission, as if you really need it, to ponder, what the heck is Slater Hayes talking about?

When it strikes you, if you even care, think about the seeds of the numerous families that were adulterated by those who professed disdain for every aspect of our existence. Think about the individual lives that were forever changed

Think about...well allow your minds to carry you, one does not have to travel far, to the myriad events that lead to the stripping away of various layers of our seed. Only for those engaging in the assault on our persons, our mental well-being, our heritage-to never seemingly attain contentment with all they caused to be laid bare.

I desire that...

"Better Know Your Seed"
 evokes thought and inspires the listener to self-reflect on all that is within that continues to propel us to prosper in the many endeavors that we pursue. Self-reflect on those things that are intentionally imposed by others, or self-imposed, to present obstacles to our becoming fully ripened-in preventing us in achieving OUR FULL PURPOSE...